Bridging the Gap between Technology and Business

Big Data (Hadoop)

  • What is Hadoop?
  • A brief History of Hadoop
  • Building Blocks – Hadoop Eco-System
  • Advantages of Hadoop
  • Challenges in processing BIG DATA
  • Computing techniques for processing BIG DATA and Drawbacks
  • Map reduce (Programming Model)
  • Moore’s Law

  • HDFC Overview and Architecture
  • HDFS Installation
  • HDFS Concepts
  • HDFS Permissions and Security
  • Hadoop Archives
  • Configuring HDFS
  • Hadoop File System Shell
  • Names Nodes and Data Nodes
  • File System Java API
  • Data Flow (File Read and File Write)
  • Rack Awareness
  • Health of File System (FSCK Command)
  • Parallel Coping with Desktop
  • Distributed File system Basics

  • Installation
  • Map Reduce Basics
  • Map Reduce Overview and Architecture
  • Word Count Example
  • Word Count Flow and Solutions
  • Map reduce Data Flow
    • Splits
    • Mapper
    • Portioning
    • Sort and Shuffle
    • Combiner
    • Reducer
  • MapReduce Life Cycle
    • Driver Code
    • Mapper
    • Reducer
  • Writing and Executing basic MapReduce Program
  • File Input\Output Formats in MapReduce Jobs
    • Text Input Format
    • Key Value Input Format
    • Sequence File Input Format
  • Joins
    • Map-Side Joins
    • Reducer-Side Joins

  • Introduction to Hive
  • HIVE Meta Store
  • HIVE Architecture
  • Tables in HIVE
    • Managed Tables
    • External Tables
  • HIVE Data Types
    • Primitive Types
    • Complex Types
  • Partition
  • Joins in Hive
  • HIVE UDF’s and UADF’s

  • Downloading and Installing Hadoop
  • Creating Cluster
  • Increasing Decreasing the Cluster Size
  • Monitoring the Cluster Health
  • Starting and Stopping the Nodes

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