Bridging the Gap between Technology and Business

Relational Database Foundation

Relational Database Design, Tools and Techniques

Relational databases often drive company-critical and web-enabled applications; therefore, creating a database design that accurately captures user requirements is vital for success. This course provides a foundation for designing, building and working with relational databases, enabling you to effectively develop and use relational databases in your environment.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Design, build and use a relational database using proven methods
  • Ensure database designs accurately model business requirements
  • Normalize and denormalize your data to optimize performance
  • Work with integrity constraints

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Analyzing and documenting database structures with tools
  • Identifying entities, attributes, relationships and their properties
  • Reverse-engineering SQL database
  • Building a database using a data model as a blueprint
  • Accessing a relational database using SQL

SQL Programming Language Introduction

SQL forms the cornerstone of all relational database operations. The ability to write the SQL language is essential for those who develop database applications. This course provides a solid foundation of the SQL programming language that enables you to build, query and manipulate databases.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Write SQL code based on ANSI/ISO standards to build Microsoft SQL Server
  • Update database content with SQL and transaction handling
  • Retrieve data with filter conditions and from multiple tables using various types of join
  • Process data with row and aggregate functions

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Creating and modifying tables, constraints and indexes
  • Modifying table contents
  • Retrieving data from tables
  • Applying conditions to filter retrieved rows
  • Joining multiple tables
  • Applying row and aggregate functions

SQL Server Introductory Courses

SQL Server 2012 Introduction

SQL Server 2012 offers a cutting edge platform for enterprise data management, sophisticated development and implementation of modern business intelligence solutions. SQL Server 2012 offers better functionality, performance, scalability and security over previous versions. This course provides the foundational knowledge and skills to maximize the benefits of SQL Server 2012.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Create and administer SQL Server 2012 databases
  • Write Transact-SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data
  • Secure, back up and monitor databases with Management Studio
  • Transform data into strategic information using Business Intelligence (BI) components

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Constructing tables and protecting data with constraints
  • Retrieving and modifying data with SQL
  • Moving data with the import/export utility
  • Automating tasks with the Maintenance Plan Wizard
  • Administering SQL Server security and resilience
  • Designing a Reporting Services report

SQL Server Database Developer Courses

SQL Server Transact-SQL Programming

Transact-SQL is integral to the power of SQL Server. Transact-SQL features allow developers to create scalable, distributed applications to meet the demanding requirements of modern organizations. This course provides extensive experience creating stored procedures and triggers, and developing T-SQL that utilizes SQL Server to the fullest.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Develop scalable, distributed applications with Transact-SQL to meet organizational requirements
  • Create modular code with stored procedures and formulate triggers
  • Develop reusable code with scalar- and table-valued functions
  • Handle Transact-SQL runtime errors to create robust software
  • Audit data changes using AFTER triggers

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Adding a column to a database table using ALTER TABLE
  • Passing data into a stored procedure using parameters
  • Intercepting errors with TRY...CATCH
  • Calling a user-defined function in a SQL statement
  • Writing triggers to carry out advanced validation
  • Tracing metadata changes with DDL triggers

Developing SQL Queries for SQL Server

Microsoft's Transact-SQL is the cornerstone of all SQL Server database operations. In this hands-on course, you learn to exploit the full potential of the SELECT statement to write robust queries using the best query method for your application, test your queries and avoid common errors and pitfalls.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Develop complex and robust SQL queries, test queries and avoid common pitfalls
  • Leverage SQL to apply best practices for solving problems
  • Query multiple tables with inner joins, outer joins and self-joins
  • Transform data with built-in functions
  • Summarize data using aggregation and grouping

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Handling NULL values in expressions and conditions
  • Implementing self-joins and coding inner and outer joins
  • Computing aggregate results
  • Employing ranking and analytic functions
  • Reusing subqueries as common table expressions
  • Analyzing query plans and tuning queries

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