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Amoeba TPO

We at Amoeba Technologies provide IT (Technology) training process outsourcing solution to our customers.

But what is TPO and why?

Training Process Outsourcing (TPO) is where a company outsources or contract out all or part of its training events to an external service provider. TPO providers manage the complete training process starting requirement identification thru delivery together with plan, trainer, content and management. Our TPO solution is important to support talent management strategy, learning process engagement, and learning management implementation.

In all cases, TPO differs significantly from Adhoc training activities in that it assumes ownership of the design and management of the training process and the responsibility of results. The biggest distinction between TPO and other types of training is Process. In TPO the service provider assumes ownership of the process, while in other types of training the service provider is part of a process controlled by the company buying their services. We offer training support also under our TPO solution to the customers.

Amoeba TPO Solution Benefits:

The following are the benefits of Technology training process outsourcing:

  • Reduced costs of training without the fixed overhead associated with a large training staff. Customers can save customers 30 percent to 40 percent on their training costs.
  • Quality – top-notch training professionals
  • Increase business impact due to quality of service
  • Speed – rapid scalability and reduced time-to-training, supported by our vast network of training professionals
  • Curriculum design and custom content development, learning administration, learning delivery and learning technology.
  • Training Fulfillment- experienced consultants and recruiters helps the organization to find the right training professionals matched with exact business needs.

Be Our Channel Partner for IT Training Division

Do you want to be a part of our mission in providing Quality Training and help in “Bridging the Gap Between technology and Business”?

  • Amoeba Technologies Sales Executive will contact you and shortlist you for being our channel partner based out on our discussion and shortlisting process
  • We only promote limited partnership depending upon the credibility, location and Business demand
  • No compromise on Trainer Technical Expertise. Amoeba Technologies will provide their own Technical Consultants and Trainers

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