Bridging the Gap between Technology and Business

Small and Medium Scale Business

SMBs (Small and Medium Scale Business) have a huge potential to grow and are truly passionate to reach the next level of excellence.

We as Technology Consultants help SMBs to leverage IT adoption for a competitive advantage and overall Business Benefit.

Amoeba Technologies provide below services to the SMB’s:

  • Inventory Management System
  • Website Development (online presence)
  • Application and Database Management
  • Operational Reporting Solutions
  • Setup and Use of office applications and email (messaging) for smooth Business Operations
  • Document (Content) Management System
  • Data Security and Data Privacy Process Assistance

Be Our Channel Partner for IT Training Division

Do you want to be a part of our mission in providing Quality Training and help in “Bridging the Gap Between technology and Business”?

  • Amoeba Technologies Sales Executive will contact you and shortlist you for being our channel partner based out on our discussion and shortlisting process
  • We only promote limited partnership depending upon the credibility, location and Business demand
  • No compromise on Trainer Technical Expertise. Amoeba Technologies will provide their own Technical Consultants and Trainers

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Our Clients

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