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What is Shopping Cart Software (SCS)?

In online marketing, a shopping cart is a piece of e-commerce software on a web server that allows visitors to an Internet site to select items for eventual purchase.

The software allows online shopping customers to accumulate a list of items for purchase, described metaphorically as “placing items in the shopping cart” or “add to cart”. Upon checkout, the software typically calculates a total for the order, including shipping and handling (i.e., postage and packing) charges and the associated taxes, as applicable.

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What’s the Need?

As we all know, this is an era of intranet and ecommerce is very much commercialized. There are so many products in the market, with variety of brands and that too with the range of choices. Over and above that, these days’ people are completely packed in their busy schedule and does have much time to roam around, to visit showrooms to look out of their choice products. At the same time, in this competitive market, smaller product sellers getting difficulty to reach out to the consumers and publicize their products, however, they do produce quality products and each producer want to sell their product by reaching out with their way of advertisements and applicable discounts. Therefore, to bridge down the gap between the producers and consumers, Shopping Cart Software plays a vital role. Its simple concept is to do a safe shop of your own choice products sitting all at home or any other place using mobile or your laptop by saving your time and money by not reaching out directly to the sellers. This all happens by the widened existence of internet, technology and awareness among the consumers and customer need of today.

Why Us?

We are a pool of Technology consultants at Amoeba Technologies who all have developed and brought this product into market after interacting with so many experts and consultants across the retail industry and also the end user who really look out for a better benefitted user experience.

Amoeba Shopping Cart Software will provide the below key benefits:

  • Online Presence in the Market
  • Advantageous to both Seller and Shopper, easy to sell and shop and in best price
  • More Customer base and far better returns than offline presence
  • High Customer satisfaction
  • Operational and Analytical Reports both for sellers and customers
  • Better Decision making
  • Quality Product Delivery
  • Within Budget services
  • Guaranteed benefit on investment
  • Extended Customer Support

So what are you waiting for, give us an opportunity to leverage your dreams and start gripping the Business benefits…

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