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Who We Are

IT Consulting and Training firm where innovation lies in service.

Amoeba Technologies is aimed to provide flexible and scalable technology solutions and training to the customer.

Amoeba Technologies Service helps the customer to adopt and deploy Microsoft and Open Source technologies efficiently and cost effectively, inherently helping and realizing customers the value on investment. We address the key Business and performance issues unique to given industry and help to resolve with the technology innovation.

On the other side, we at Amoeba Technologies are aimed to provide quality education and training in the area of Microsoft technology tools to corporate clients and students.

“At Amoeba Technologies, our mission and values are to bridge the gap between Technology and Business. We believe in providing excellent IT services to the customers and realizing them the benefit of their investment. In IT Training field, we are committed to provide quality education to the Students”

Corporate: To be the best in IT Services and IT Training.

Customers: To play a vital role in our customer’s business by developing a sturdy trust-based relationship and work towards excellence at quality service and make sure customers are benefitted with our service.

Our Team: To be a great place to work where team feels passionate and enthusiast to be the best with time, to grow themselves as individuals, and add quality value to the organization and the customers.

Why choose us, isn't this an interesting question to answer…

We at Amoeba Technologies are a group of Technology Consultants who all work with the same vision and mission that is to understand the Business requirement and their processes, identify gaps and help our customers by delivering new IT solutions to achieve greater heights at Business excellence. Our key focus is always our customers and how they can be benefitted upon IT adoption and technology solution improvement and that too within time, quality and budget triangle.

We at Amoeba Technologies, each core Team members are having more than 10 years of global industry experience in diverse business domains and technologies. We the core team members have seen, experienced and realized global Business problem and helped them to benefit by adopting and leveraging technology on their smart and cost effective investment.

So far globally, our Technology consultants in their career has delivered 100K Hours of IT Consulting and Development services and 20 K plus hours of training to our customers.

Along with our globally travelled learned experience over the period time after interacting with of so many customers, we truly found and believe, innovation lies at the core of idea and the way of providing services. We address all our customer’s business issues to help them solve their problem by leveraging technology and provide innovative simple solutions of their even complex problems and services around it.

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Do you want to be a part of our mission in providing Quality Training and help in “Bridging the Gap Between technology and Business”?

  • Amoeba Technologies Sales Executive will contact you and shortlist you for being our channel partner based out on our discussion and shortlisting process
  • We only promote limited partnership depending upon the credibility, location and Business demand
  • No compromise on Trainer Technical Expertise. Amoeba Technologies will provide their own Technical Consultants and Trainers

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